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[IP] Quoting old posts

I know someone else mentioned this once, and I'm going to mention it again.
I often read a post and think - I read this one before, therefore quit
reading and move on to the next in the digest. Then, come to find out, a
reply is in the next paragraph of that post.

We need SOME KIND of CLUE that the poster is replying to a previous post.
Something like so-and-so said:   Or >>> in the front and >>> at the end, but
something to know what is *old* so we can determine the new stuff.  A
____________ in between still doesn't tell us which part is old and which
part is a new reply. It gets disturbing to not be able to *scan* a post that
is a rerun.

Jan - who is upset cuz they trashed my dialysis chair and my back is having
strange pains now. :-(((((((((
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