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Re: [IP] Re: son's job

I think a combination of the both is probably best.

A doctor's note stating the Diabetic condition exists. Nothing more needed 
there. Then a brief explanation of the current problem. If the employer 
wants to learn more, and know more, than they can be educated. Some 
employers unfortunately, only want the basic facts: You were off sick b/c 
you have diabetes.


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>  Its hard at 16 cause I'm sure the boss has heard it all, my thought 
> would be to
>get a brief doctors note, simply stating his medical condition that can on
>occation cause him to miss work last minute. Then have him talk to the 
>boss and
>explain that he could have worked that shift but by doing so would most 
>likly be
>throwing up on customers etc - not great for bussiness.
>  Of course your son has to agree with it, but a note from a doctor is 
> easier to
>beleive then a 16 year old as long as your present it in a pleasant manner 
>just throw it at him rudley.
>Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
>Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
> > My 16 year old son has been pumping for 4 year. He has a job at a
> > localrestaurant bussing tables. He's worked there about 6 months.
> > He has never told
> > anyone about his diabetes although a friend that also works there
> > does know.
> > Last Saturday night he was scheduled to work 5-10. He had gone to
> > the movies
> > with friends and when I picked him up @3 he said he felt high and
> > wondered if he
> > had some pump problems. (My son has very good control- is a1C is
> > usually around
> > 6.0- 6.5.) When he tested he was 490, by this time it was 4:00, an
> > hour away
> > from work. Well, he called off work which was not taken well at
> > the restaurant
> > especially coming from a teenager on a Saturday night. It took us
> > most of the
> > evening to get things under control and of course he felt awful.
> > He was also
> > scheduled to work Sunday morning. He went into work, looking fine
> > of course. Was
> > told he would be fired if he ever did it again. He was given
> > little opportunity
> > to defend himself and he felt the best plan wold be to keep his
> > mouth shut and
> > keep working. I have encourage him to find a time to talk to his
> > boss and
> > explain his diabetes to her. He said he would but I seriously
> > doubt it. I am
> > troubled as a parent that I may need to interfere here and call
> > his boss. He has
> > never called off work before and rarely has pump problems .
> > Although I can
> > certainly understand why his boss would assume he had blown off a
> > night of work,
> > I feel it is important that his boss knows the real story- any advice?
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