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Re: [IP] Re: son's job

 Its hard at 16 cause I'm sure the boss has heard it all, my thought would be to
get a brief doctors note, simply stating his medical condition that can on
occation cause him to miss work last minute. Then have him talk to the boss and
explain that he could have worked that shift but by doing so would most likly be
throwing up on customers etc - not great for bussiness.
 Of course your son has to agree with it, but a note from a doctor is easier to
beleive then a 16 year old as long as your present it in a pleasant manner don't
just throw it at him rudley.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> My 16 year old son has been pumping for 4 year. He has a job at a 
> localrestaurant bussing tables. He's worked there about 6 months. 
> He has never told
> anyone about his diabetes although a friend that also works there 
> does know.
> Last Saturday night he was scheduled to work 5-10. He had gone to 
> the movies
> with friends and when I picked him up @3 he said he felt high and 
> wondered if he
> had some pump problems. (My son has very good control- is a1C is 
> usually around
> 6.0- 6.5.) When he tested he was 490, by this time it was 4:00, an 
> hour away
> from work. Well, he called off work which was not taken well at 
> the restaurant
> especially coming from a teenager on a Saturday night. It took us 
> most of the
> evening to get things under control and of course he felt awful. 
> He was also
> scheduled to work Sunday morning. He went into work, looking fine 
> of course. Was
> told he would be fired if he ever did it again. He was given 
> little opportunity
> to defend himself and he felt the best plan wold be to keep his 
> mouth shut and
> keep working. I have encourage him to find a time to talk to his 
> boss and
> explain his diabetes to her. He said he would but I seriously 
> doubt it. I am
> troubled as a parent that I may need to interfere here and call 
> his boss. He has
> never called off work before and rarely has pump problems . 
> Although I can
> certainly understand why his boss would assume he had blown off a 
> night of work,
> I feel it is important that his boss knows the real story- any advice?
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