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[IP] Re: Lack of interest in dm cures/ was "another DUH! comment"

>[IP] Lack of interest in dm cures/ was "another DUH! comment"

Shannon Said <snipped>:

>I think there is a MAJOR misunderstanding regarding this disease among >the 
>general population that contributes to the lack of interest in ?>raising 
>money for a cure.   Does anyone agree with this analysis...or
>am I really off the mark here?

Shannon has a point, but I also think the fault lies partially with *us*.  
If diabetics weren't able to hide their disease from the casual observer, if 
we didn't tell people that we can do everything everyone else can do (eat 
the same things when we have a pump), etc. etc., then (I think) the average 
person wouldn't be os inclined to just brush D off as an "inconvenience" 
rather thabn a real disease.

I say keep the JRDF posters the way they are.  Maybe the sentiment and the 
statements aren't true for all of us, but if we want people to start taking 
D seriously as a real disease, with real issues, then *we* have to stop 
telling people to ignore it.

Just my two cents....

Weird Jenn
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