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Re: [IP] Re: son's job

It is very important for your son to tell his boss about his diabetes.  If he 
does not you should.  I hope there would never be an emergency, and if the 
friend who knows about the diabetes was not there to let emergency people 
know, it would be up to the boss and she would have no clue as to what was 
wrong nor would she be able to try to help the situation with a glucagon.  I 
have always informed my boss and kept a glucagon kit on hand in the office 
just in case.  Also, if she knows of his condition, she cannot fire him for 
calling in sick b/c of diabetes problems.  Maybe it would help if you both 
sat down with the boss and talked about the diabetes and what happened on 
Saturday.  Good luck and I hope thing work out for you and your son.

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