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Paragidm-Is 5 in 6 months about average?

I started pumping last August using a Paradigm.  Since then I have had
to send 4 or 5 pumps back for various problems.  This last one had to do
with inability to get out of Rewind and instead of a small drip when
manually priming it spurted insulin about 6 feet across the room.  Other
problems were motor related.  They have said the one coming in a couple
of hours will have "the new software."  Has anyone else has experience
with having to send Paradigms back so regularly?

 I just got my third Paradigm in a year. So I guess every 5-6 months seems to be
the thing. The first one went back because it just kept losing its profiles for
no reason. Last week I sent the second one back for the same situation you
described - stuck in rewind with insulin going everywhere. Now I have the 2.0
software and hopefully, it won't happen again.

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