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Re: [IP] Re: posters

 The child has to be comfortable with it, our local youth ambassador is adorable
he's now 9 and has been the youth ambassador for at least 3 years now we also
have a few other but they don't stick around as long. He does speaches at our
local JDRF walk and other event he will go up infront of the 400 or walkers and
talk and talk and talk we have to pull him off the stage it is great. He is
great to have as we usually have 4-5 kids talk at it and the ones who back out
last minute we just throw him back out there and he talks away again!!

As long as the child is happy doing it is great.

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm

> Hi-not sure what the posters are about but I am quessing that we 
> are playing on
> the sympathy value. I was very involved with JDF at one time in my 
> localchapter. I was asked to speak at a fundraiser corperate 
> kickoff kind of thing. I
> brought my son (11 at the time) with me. One of the other 
> volunteers asked me to
> have my son to use his glucometer after the lunch but before the 
> speakers. I
> just wouldn't do that to my kid. This women made me so mad. "meet 
> my daughter
> diabetes, isn't she cute" was her motto. If my son choses to 
> advertize his
> diabetes that is fine, I would never put him in that situation. 
> Yes our
> organization needs money and yes the sympathy card works but I 
> won't be part of
> it
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