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Re: [IP] another DUH! comment

>Did you realize that diabetes is growing at a faster rate than the 
>population? If this continues unabated, the two lines will cross, and 
>everyone will be diabetic at some point in the future.


Type-2 diabetes, that is, not Type-1.  Actually, this is not 
unexpected.  Actually, almost ALL of the population is SUPPOSED to have 
Type-2 diabetes...or rather, the genetic predisposition toward it. 

Recent research has shown that the tendancy towards Type-2 in people is 
actually a BENEFICIAL thing to humans up until the last century or so.  
Typically, people's activity level as well as diet actually was 
beneficial for those with the Type-2 genetics.  However, in the last 
century, the activity level and diet of the people has changed 
DRAMATICALLY, which is causing Type-2 diabetes to grow in epidemic 
proportions.  The reason isn't, as presumed, because the disease is 
become more prevalent...but rather, the lifestyle that leads to Type-2 
diabetes is more prevalent.  

Think about this:  Prior to the industrial revolution, EVERYTHING that 
anyone needed or wanted took exercise.  People walked much more to get 
places...or even if they had a horse and buggy, they still had to do 
work to get that prepared.  In the home, women (typically) did more 
activity to maintain the home...they didn't have washing machines, 
microwaves, boxed foods, etc.  All of the work had to be done by hand. 
The men were typically working jobs that required manual labor with 
rare exception.  Even the "business men" of the day were not just 
sitting at desks all day, but would have to walk around and oversee 
work, etc.

Diets, too, were drastically different.  Food was not just shipped from 
around the world in trucks for everyone to have access.  You had access 
to certain foods based on seasons.  During the summer months, the diet 
was rich in vegetables and fruits, even meat.  During winter months, 
however, these supplies were low, and so people had to go through 
periods of "starvation" (by today's standards) in order to make it 
through the winter.  

All of this worked VERY well for people with Type-2 genetics.  In a 
sense, type-2 diabetes really isn't a disease nor is it anything wrong 
at all...at least, instead, it results from a lifestyle that our bodies 
were never meant to have.

This is altogether different than Type-1, however.  Type-1, though, is 
not an epidemic as is Type-2. The ONLY correlation that Type-1 and Type-
2 diabetics have is that SOME Type-2 diabetics may eventually "become" 
Type-1 because their body just can't produce the insulin anymore.

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