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Re: [IP] Re:JDRF ads

At 8:48 AM -0500 2/17/03, email @ redacted wrote:
>  Sure it does, you take insulin you can eat and live, you stop you'll die. It
>controls it.
 > But if you make a poster saying many people use inslin to control it , you'll
>have to state that its not a cure.

And add to it that even with a pump, the most advanced way of 
delivering it, there is still a lot of guess work, a real "crap 
shoot" to getting the right amounts at the right time.  Plus all the 
other anomalies that go with the actions of insulins and their 
analogs.  It is way far from a cure, and sometimes control is very 
far from us also.  The only guarantee of insulins "control" is that 
it will change over time.  Anyone make a guess as to how much insulin 
you'll take tomorrow?     ;>)

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