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Re: [IP] I have had it


I know what it's like not to have a good medical support team.  I also have 
to rely on my primary care doctor who doesn't know that much about diabetes.  
I have had trouble with my basals as well and started adjusting my basals 
(just a little at a time) on my own to get better control.  If you have one 
of the Minimed pump books they have chapters on adjusting basal rates.
I write down my sugars and what I eat daily to do comparisons when I'm 
running high or low to see if it was related to something I ate and the bolus 
I took for that food item.  
Don't be discouraged by having to check your sugars.  It is the best way to 
try to get the best control to help you feel your best.  Also, if you have a 
diabetic friend on the pump or a local support group that would be helpful. 
Having someone who understands to vent to can really make you feel better (my 
sister is on the pump so we always share our good and bad experiences).

Take care and I hope thing get better for you soon.

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