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Re: [IP] how to store extra pump

> > I have a had MiniMed 508 for a while and wonder what is the best way
> > to store
> > the  507 I still have that is in working condition.
> . . .
> stored in a cool dry place like a closet shelf. And when you need it,
> just add batteries and reprogram it.
> Don't leave batteries in it as you will let it come to it's termination
> date,
> (Warranty, number of total days it will run).

Remember, we are talking about a MM507 here.  The instructions for storage
of different brands of pumps are going to vary.  Your instructions sound
like you are recommending how to store a Disetronic brand pump.  MM pumps do
not have any termination date, and the warranty is valid from the date of
purchase, not the number of days used.  507's are so old that they are
almost certain to be beyond the end of the warranty period, anyway.

I believe MM pumps are NOT supposed to be stored without batteries.  You
have to go to the trouble of routinely replacing the batteries before you
think they will die, or you might store it in a prominent spot where you
would be sure to hear it alarming over a depleted battery.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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