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Re: [IP] Sick of being sick!

At 10:23 PM 2/16/03, Ryan wrote:
>I'm actually kind of surprised that people have found sinus infections to be
>so bad and long.  Perhaps most people let them get too bad before getting
>treatment???  While I don't like them, and they cause quite a bit of pain at
>times, they have always been rather short-lived for me.

I never had a sinus infection until last year.  When it first came on, I 
just thought it was a cold, waited the usual week to see if it would clear 
up and when it only got worse, then I went to the doctor.  That required 3 
weeks of antibiotics to get rid of.  This last time I went to the doctor 
right away, got a 10 day antibiotic treatment it cleared up for about 4 
weeks, then came back and back I went to the doctor for another 10 day 
treatment.  Prior to last year I hadn't even had a cold in about 10 
years.  I think when I turned 50, I started becoming more susceptible to 
these things.  I also have more allergies now than I did, I remember 
reading once that once a woman goes through menopause, it can cause 
allergies, so perhaps that's why I am now more susceptible to sinus 
infections too.

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