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[IP] Vegetairian diabetic

Kelby Liv Simison wrote:

>I have been diabetic for a couple years now and I am a vegetarian. It is
>hard being both a vegetarian and diabetic because a lot of vegetarians eat
>lot of starches, but starches to me are sugars which screw up my BGs.
>have any ideas as to other things to eat or know of good low carb,
>vegetarian cookbooks?? Thanx, Kelby. ;)  dx'd 12/00

I have had type I diabetes for 31 years and have been a vegetarian for
almost 10 years. Actually I am a low-fat vegan which means no animal foods
(no meat of any kind, no dairy foods and no eggs). I need 2000 calories a
day to maintain my weight, and like to keep my protein down to no more than
12% of the calories and the fat to less than 10%. Therefore, I eat about 135
grams of carbohydrates at each meal and cover it with the appropriate amount
of Humalog insulin at a ratio of one unit of insulin to 25 grams of
carbohydrates. This seems to work well for me. It did take awhile to develop
the habit of eating this way, but now I can't imagine eating any other way.
I seem to be the only diabetic that eats this many carbohydrates, and just
wanted to give my experience. Struggling to take care of my diabetes has
caused me to keep learning and trying new things. My insulin does cover this
amount of carbohydrates well, as long as I don't skip meals. I have found
that when I skip a meal, I then need to cover the next meal with a ratio of
one unit to 18 grams of carbohydrates.

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