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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

No wonder the general public is so confused about diabetes and what it can
cause if diabetics
don't want to let people become aware of the complications.  No wonder
people think you can
just take insulin and you will be ok.  Diabetes IS a scary disease!  You can
live a long time with
it but it doesn't mean everyone can.  More awareness should make the general
public realize
why we are so determined to find the cure!!

Cancer is scary too.  People already know the complications of that.  It is
a VISUAL thing.
Chemo, etc.  But diabetes is NOT so visual and that is why I think we do
have to mention
the complications.  We need to educate people.  We need their help.

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> Summer said:
>    I thought they were kinda abrupt but got the message across, my mom
> them.
>    I can see her point as kids or anyone with D would be somewhat
> disturbed.1
>   What do you think?
>  I agree with your mom's opinion.  JDRF advertising has never left much of
> future  for type 1 diabetics like myself.  I also don't like that it seems
> to sell based on pity  for the fate of us"poor diabetics."

> Steve
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