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Re: [IP] Sick of being sick!

>"Sue" <email @ redacted>  wrote:
>>How long were you on the antibiotic? I think a sinus infection
>>requires much longer than the standard 10 days.
>I agree.  Last year I had to take the antibiotic for my sinus
>infection for 3 weeks before the doctor was satisfied that it had
>cleared up.  This year I took two 10 day doses.

Well, I used to get sinus infections rather frequently as a child.
Typically, they were left UNTREATED (without antibiotics), other than a
decongestant and/or antihistime (since they were typically caused by my

I haven't had one in years.  But, today, I finished my 10th day on
antibiotics and my sinus infection is gone.  Though, I still have my cold
that brought it on.  Frankly, I think I could have gone without the
antibiotics altogether.  I think that the prescription-strength decongestant
I was on did more than the antibiotic.

I'm actually kind of surprised that people have found sinus infections to be
so bad and long.  Perhaps most people let them get too bad before getting
treatment???  While I don't like them, and they cause quite a bit of pain at
times, they have always been rather short-lived for me.

Anyhow, tomorrow is 5 weeks on this cold.  I do wonder if the antibiotic is
shortening the effectiveness of my sites.  A couple of days ago, I had to
change the site after 1 1/2 days because it was getting sore, and my BG
levels were quite high.  I changed my site, and BG levels dropped.  Now, 1
1/2 days later, my new site is getting sore and my BG levels are creeping up
again.  I think while I'm sick, the sites aren't lasting as long.  This
happened to me last fall when I got a cold (although, I didn't take
antibiotics that time, so perhaps the antibiotics have nothing to do with
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