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Summer said:

   I thought they were kinda abrupt but got the message across, my mom hates
   I can see her point as kids or anyone with D would be somewhat
  What do you think?

 I agree with your mom's opinion.  JDRF advertising has never left much of a
future  for type 1 diabetics like myself.  I also don't like that it seems
to sell based on pity  for the fate of us"poor diabetics."

We know what diabetes is and can be.  Living with a pump by itself means a
lot of sacrifice in terms of time and money.  Many formerly childhood type 1
diabetics like myself have outlived by far their childhood to become
reasonably happy, healthy, and productive people. Luckily, we are not
condemned (as implied by some JDRF advertising) to amputation and blindness.

The JDRF raises an awful lot of money for type 1 diabetes research.  When a
cure seems almost within reach and difficult economic times seem to surround
us sometimes, it is very importand that the JDRF keep doing their job of

A member of the JDRF, the ADA, and a type 1 diabetic since October 1966,

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