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Re: [IP] Crazy Sugar Values

Hi George,

I was once like you.  On MDI my average blood sugar was around 300.  My A1C
as high as 12.

I worked like mad to get my MDI sugars under control and in about a month's
time is was down to about 169.

My internist, who is my pump doctor, sent me to a CDE group where I worked
on Carb Counting.

I then started pumping.  My original basal was 3.25 with a 1:5 carb ratio.
My correction factor was 1:10 with a control to 100.

Once I started, I was faxing my blood sugars every three days to my pump
trainer for fine tuning.

Fine  tuning has led to a lower segment from Midnight to 8 AM at 3.15.  My
carb ratios are 1:5 for breakfast and lunch and 1:3 for dinner.

My average is now 134 and my first A1C was 6.5!

That is how I have worked with it.  YMMV.  I do hope that your trainer, CDEs
and Doctor will be able to help you as well as my team did.

Best wishes!

> >have traded it with highs (thought lower than my old highs but never the
> >still high - 250 to 300) and I have a time "feeling" my sugar.
> >Yes !!!!
> >
> >Anybody have/had the same trouble as me and what did you do about it.
> >tips.
> >
> >My Doctor though and excellent one has yet to hear my story.  I will
speak to
> >him tomorrow but would very much like to hear non clinical answers.  I
> >there is no magic formula but still I'd like to hear what other people
> >going or have gone though.
> Erle,
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