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[IP] Re:JDRF ads

Ok-kind of funny- hubby and I were just headed home from the inlaws and saw
the billboard "Juvenile Diabetes Hurts Kids"
Now I understand why my boss at my new job asked why I hadn't outgrown it!
Now I also understand why when I told one of my folks friends that I was
pregnant they said "Why would you do that diabetes hurts kids"....Drives me
nuts...(and also-as someone mentioned-all the DIABETES/OBESITY stuff...The
only time I was ever thin was the day I was diagnosed-so people at work ask
me every time there is an article in the paper-if I lose weight will I not
be a diabetic anymore?  or "put down that juice-save the calories you'll be
I know these places are trying to scare up some funding and trying to
educate-but I think the raw facts are as intimidating as making
generalizations about kids only being affected by Type 1....
Hope they work on these--funny where I used to work everyone knew someone
with some form of diabetes-in my new job I am the first person many of them
have met- so I made a little fact sheet (complete with what to do if
instructions specific to me)-hope it might educate even the few...
Hugs to everyone!
Bekka Caruso
email @ redacted
Type 1 9.5 years
Pumping 2.5 years
Pregnant 5.5 weeks
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