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Re: [IP] Yet Another Scale Question

>OK, now I have this nice scale and my BG has been pretty darn good. But 
>the only thing I have to look up carb factors is Walsh's list. The Rabbi 
>(thank you) posted a list on his web site, but I cannot open the file. 
>Someone else gave me an idea how to do this with packaged food, but what 
>about restaurant take-out food? If anyone can supply me with a chart, 
>please let me know.

Hi Laura,

All you need is a good carbohydrate counting book.  I like "The Doctor's 
Pocket Calorie Fat & Carbohydrate Counter" by Allan Borushek because it's 
small and easy to carry around with me.  Another good choice is Corinne T. 
Netzer's "The Complete Book of Food Counts".  The same principal applies to 
using the books as with using package labels.   Look at the carbs given in 
the book list divide by the weight and that will give you the amount per 
ounce/gram (depending on which measuring system the book uses).  Then weigh 
your food, multiply by that amount and you get your carb amount.  For 
instance, the book says:  1 large bagel (4 oz) is 60g of carb.  You weigh 
yours and find out it's actually 3 oz.  So, divide the 60 by 4 and get 15g 
of carb per ounce, so multiply your 3 oz times 15 and your bagel is 45g of 
carb.  A lot of the books already give carb amounts for most fast foods, 
and you can guesstimate a lot of the time.   Don't worry about being exact 
with your carb counts all the time, when in doubt, use Sara SP's SWAG 
method (Scientific Wild Ass Guess).... hehe  Bolus for the guess and 
correct later if needed.  HTH.   :o)

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