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[IP] Moooving (loong)

I moved over the last several days, actually the last 10 days or so. I 
now live in Society Hill, (The Society of Friends, Not any other 
Society) we did not buy duct tape and plastic sheeting even though we 
are only 6 blocks from the Liberty Bell. Our little pharmacy so close 
and small is too far west of us. 16 blocks. our  closest pharmacy is a 
giant cvs chain pharmacy. mrs spot took several prescriptions there 
including one for ketostix, novolog, glucogon emergency kit, and pen 
needles. I signed all of these scrips and did not have any insurance 
poroblems, they are aweare I hasve type 1 diabeasties. the did not 
have the glucogon emergency kits. mrs spot protested when they tried 
to unload a generic kit. 
"During an emergency, he is not always clear minded, that is not a 
time to learn to use a new kit she pronounced." Then she got Lilley's 
number in Indianapolis, called and learned that they were having a 
manufacturing problem but the glucogon emergency kits could be drop 
shipped to the pharmacy or distributor if the have the account number. 
Mrs spot got the number of Cardinal health and had the kits drop 
shipped to our CVS pharmacy. The Pharmacist offered her a job there.  

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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