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Re: [IP] Crazy Sugar Values

>Hi all
>Well it has been now 3 weeks of pumping and since going on the pump I feel
>like I am on a roller costar.  My sugar seems out of control and I have no
>Idea how to react. Up until now the scary lows are more or less gone but I
>have traded it with highs (thought lower than my old highs but never the less
>still high - 250 to 300) and I have a time "feeling" my sugar.  Frustrated?
>Yes !!!!
>Anybody have/had the same trouble as me and what did you do about it.  Any
>My Doctor though and excellent one has yet to hear my story.  I will speak to
>him tomorrow but would very much like to hear non clinical answers.  I know
>there is no magic formula but still I'd like to hear what other people are
>going or have gone though.


I think every pumper has been through this, some were luckier and had 
more active support and got their basals down in that amount of time. 
Some of us just took longer.  Just keep at it, you will improve. 
During my first 2 weeks I was sending my numbers to my CDE daily. 
Then it was just a couple times a week, then after two months she 
told me it was time for me to take over.

If you don't have a CDE working with you daily/weekly, then get the 
book "Pumping Insulin".   You need the knowledge and support that it 
can provide.  Your first week or two you still had residual Long Term 
Insulin, that tends to still take you low.  Now you can work out your 
real basal amount.  Remember that a change of one tenth a unit over a 
period of time can have massive results.  Test, test and test some 

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