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Re:[IP] JDRF posters

In a message dated 2/16/03 email @ redacted writes:

<< I am going to stick up here for JDRF. My Mom is highly involved. For one 
thing, the organization was created back in the 70's when Type 1 was for the 
most part considered to be a childhood disease. >>

Well, by the 70s, a lot of us type 1s who had at one time been child 
diabetics had made it into adulthood, some into old age <gr.>.  And I 
sometimes felt a bit unwelcome by JDF, though have had better experiences, 
too.  But I think it is true that a lot of people are more sympathetic to a 
disease of children, and an ad with pictures of children is probably more 
effective. I had run into my congressman a few years ago (had not known I 
would see him, so hadn't planned what I would say), and tried to express 
support for a diabetes bill that I didn't have the exact language for.  His 
response was that he supported money for childhood diabetes, implying not for 
adult diabetes.  I may have been wrong, but I read into his comments that he 
thought adult diabetics could solve their own problems if they just didn't 
eat so much and got more active.  I made some comment about being a 
juvenile-onset diabetic who had grown up, but then felt really awkward 
because my friend with me was an adult-onset type 2, and I had not meant to 
imply that my disease was any more worthy of being cured than hers.   

Linda Z
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