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RE: [IP] Crazy Sugar Values

Ask your doc for practial advice.  When I discuss my sugars with mine he
says things like "Well you are a bit low at lunch so you need to reduce your
breakfast NPH."  This doesn't seem like "a clinical answer" to me.  I know
that sometimes the medical professionals don't seem like they understand.  I
(and many onther on this list) have found much success with CDE's or nurse
educators.  They seem to be more concerned with the day-to-day mgmt. of the
disease and less about the complications and rest that the Endo worries

hope this helps

(dx'd 1998  my pump will arrive TOMORROW! yippee!)

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My Doctor though and excellent one has yet to hear my story.  I will speak
him tomorrow but would very much like to hear non clinical answers.  I know
there is no magic formula but still I'd like to hear what other people are
going or have gone though.

Dx 27-Dec-79
Pumping 27-Jan-03
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