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[IP] Crazy Sugar Values

Hi all

Well it has been now 3 weeks of pumping and since going on the pump I feel
like I am on a roller costar.  My sugar seems out of control and I have no
Idea how to react. Up until now the scary lows are more or less gone but I
have traded it with highs (thought lower than my old highs but never the less
still high - 250 to 300) and I have a time "feeling" my sugar.  Frustrated?
Yes !!!!

Anybody have/had the same trouble as me and what did you do about it.  Any

My Doctor though and excellent one has yet to hear my story.  I will speak to
him tomorrow but would very much like to hear non clinical answers.  I know
there is no magic formula but still I'd like to hear what other people are
going or have gone though.

Dx 27-Dec-79
Pumping 27-Jan-03
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