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[IP] Re: eye problems ?


Chris recently had several tests done on his eyes. The pictures of his
retinas were hard to read because his eyes are so smooth and shiny and
caused light to reflect brightly into the pictures.

The ophthalmologist told me that signs to look out for are if Chris is
seeing floating black spots or blobs. He said that kids diagnosed with
diabetes usually don't get any problems, if any at all, until they are in
their mid 20's.

Our kids are suppose to get their eyes checked by an ophthalmologist once a
year. If you think the eye problems are due to diabetes, an optometrist
isn't going to help you. I take Chris to both an optometrist and a


 Kids- Robbie (16), Jason (14), Brittany (12),and Chris (10) dx'ed 9-15-00
(on MDI -using Lantus & H)

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Subject: eye problems ?

> Yesterday Griffin described to me eye problems that he was having for
> the past 3 weeks.  In hopes that someone else may have experienced this
> before I am seeking any knowledge one may have about his symptoms.  Monday
> will not come soon enough so I can make an eye appointment!  All of his
> exams by a physician have been uneventful and normal.
> First let me say since diagnoses Griffin has never had a a1c over 6, so
> these symptoms are a slap in the face.
> He says,
> " With no relationship to highs/low bg's, sometimes my what I see gets
> bright (this brightness is described as the color from a sparkler, that
> use for the 4th of July or New Years), from the outside to inside, then
> black for about a second or two, then my vision goes back to normal. This
> happens about once a day, mostly when the brightness of light changes."
> I am scouring the internet for information, but hope someone has some
> experience with this kind of symptoms.
> Thanks in advance,
> Anna
> Forrest 22 dx 99
> Griffin 15 dx 90
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