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[IP] eye problems ?

Yesterday Griffin described to me eye problems that he was having for about
the past 3 weeks.  In hopes that someone else may have experienced this
before I am seeking any knowledge one may have about his symptoms.  Monday
will not come soon enough so I can make an eye appointment!  All of his eye
exams by a physician have been uneventful and normal.

First let me say since diagnoses Griffin has never had a a1c over 6, so
these symptoms are a slap in the face.
He says,
" With no relationship to highs/low bg's, sometimes my what I see gets very
bright (this brightness is described as the color from a sparkler, that kids
use for the 4th of July or New Years), from the outside to inside, then goes
black for about a second or two, then my vision goes back to normal. This
happens about once a day, mostly when the brightness of light changes."

I am scouring the internet for information, but hope someone has some
experience with this kind of symptoms.

Thanks in advance,
Forrest 22 dx 99
Griffin 15 dx 90
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