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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

> Liz-
> I am going to stick up here for JDRF. My Mom is highly involved. For one
> thing, the organization was created back in the 70's when Type 1 was for
> most part considered to be a childhood disease. It was created by a group
> parents. Don't let the name mistake you. JDRF has and is working very hard
> fund research not only to find a cure, but also in complications.

Adriana has done an excellent job of telling the story of JDRF. I too
support JDRF with donations and volunteerism. It has been consistently rated
one of the top nonprofits in the nation because of its efficient use of

As she indicates, JDRF was started by the parents of diabetic children,
hence the emphasis on "juvenile" (as well as what some used to call Type 1).
But again, don't let that fool anyone. Their work benefits, IMHO, all
diabetics. In addition to checking out their Web site, if you make a small
donation you will receive a detailed newsletter on their research efforts. I
think a Type 1 child of 12 or an adult of 24 would both stand to benefit
from anything that moves us closer to a "cure". Pie in the sky? Perhaps, but
JDRF has pumped hundreds of millions of dollars into such research,
advancing our common cause. I think they are great.

By the way, regarding "juvenile" and the kids--as someone who has worked for
nonprofits for the past 20 years and spent considerable effort securing
funds for same, I can tell you that by "using" kids on posters, commercials,
etc., you can draw much more financial support than using adults. It tugs at
the heatstrings. Manipulative? You bet.

I remember seeing JDRF ads as a child. I wasn't scared. In fact, it seemed
to me at the time that JDRF was the only group advocating for me!

Whatever it takes to reach the goal.

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