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Re: Emergency Room Rational (was Re: [IP] Help, Please!!!)

I was going to say something like that too but I didn't want to start an 
argument. I guess everyone is different. I know I saw 600 once at a Beach 
Boys concert in New Hampshire and all I did was give myself a high blood 
sugar bolus and watch it go down.  I think I had eaten something and forgot 
to bolus.
The only time I actually went to the hospital was once when something 
happened to my pump and I wasn't getting insulin and had ketones. I'll 
never do that again. ketones or not... I'll treat it myself. The hospital 
trip just isn't worth it unless I'm unconscious and I don't see what they 
are doing to me. The hospital was a disaster area, where they didn't even 
understand diabetes, much less an insulin pump. My husband has orders to 
let me die 8-)

>Allen said:
> >  #2. Know what your upper limit is to go to the emergency
> >      room... anything over 350 with me I go to ER.
>         Only 350?  That doesn't seem "very high" to me.  Especially if
>         it's only for a few hours.  Do you have any special reasons
>         you go at 350?
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