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Re: [IP] JDRF posters


Sorry to hear about your sick kitty. I hope h/she is doing better.

I'm just glad that Diabetes, whatever it's form is putting out some thought
provoking statements.  We can only hope that  these people will get the
information about all other forms of diabetes and help fund research for a


Adult (?) Type 2
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Sent: Saturday, February 15, 2003 9:25 PM
Subject: Re: [IP] JDRF posters

> > I just got the new JDRF posters.
> >
> >  Here's the sayings - there's 3 and each of them has a sign in a
> windw
> > type thing stating :
> >
> > HELP WANTED to save a child's life
> >
> > POSITIONS AVAILABLE  to save a child's limbs from amputation
> >
> > INQUIRE WITHIN about how to keep a child from going blind
> >
> > and then they have the JDRF logo and info at the bottom.
> >  I thought they were kinda abrupt but got the message across, my mom
> them.
> > I can see her point as kids or anyone with D would be somewhat
> > What do you think?
> my biggest beef about the jdrf is that it almost makes it seem like only
> children get diabetes, and that it just disappears once the person enters
> adulthood (or dies, it's never explained).
> just because i got type one diabetes in adulthood, does that mean either
> not at risk for complications, or does my risk of complications not
> i do wish they'd put a little emphasis on adults with type 1.
> liz - ottawa, with a sick kitty.
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