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[IP] Re: Valentine's Day post (insurance issue)

>Pumps (as well as any other durable medical equipment) are specifically 
covered under our policy, "when medically necessary."  My doctor has already 
written a letter of medical necessity.  Aetna should not be allowed to 
override that decision.  They are [not?] licensed to practice medicine in the 
state of Iowa, or any other state that I am aware of. If that approach does 
not work, I can always sue them for fraud. Failing to provide coverage that 
is written in our policy constitutes fraud.  Several of these lawsuits have 
been ruled in favor of the insured already.

Go for it, John!  Put all of this info in your letter of appeal to the 
company. You might get a different response. Perhaps, the CDEs you work with 
will add to your letter.

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