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[IP] JDRF posters

Dear Summer,
  What is JDRF and why did you make these posters? I know your intentions were
very good when making these posters but I don't think the tone would be right
for every one. You especially have to consider this when some thing is going in
front of
 the general public. I know it makes a compelling statement but when people find
out I have diabetes I would prefer for them not to think I am one of many people
who are in eminent danger of losing limbs and eyesight. Diabetes has progressed
 way since these things were a given. I know most of us would like to think that
we will still have our limbs and eyesight with us for a long time to come :)
  Only a few days after my diagnosis my father saw a fund raiser commercial on
TV for the ADA. The commercial featured a person doing a jolly dance with a
stick, but at the end the music stopped and you realized that they had the stick
because they
 were blind and had to use it to walk away. Now back then my father was manic
depressive and nothing has ever thrown him for a bigger loop than my diagnosis.
That commercial was so upsetting for him then before we hardly knew anything
 diabetes. It did not help my dad that he never saw the commercial run again.
For the next four years I was never allowed to watch TV for fear I might see the
commercial and be upset. He wouldn't even let me watch my favorite PBS shows (no
 commercials)! Any ways he chose to keep most information about diabetes from me
so that I would not have to experience the pain he felt in finding out about
diabetes complications like that. As a consequence I was not told about alot of
 stuff as a kid, so I ended up learning about it through hearsay which was much
  I know this is just my own personal experience, but I think it is important to
consider how strong statements will affect different people's attitudes towards
diabetes. Especially people who are newly diagnosed and their families. I don't
 any one to think that diabetes will lead to an inevitable down hill slide. I
personally think the future for diabetes is bright and that things will keep
getting better. I guess a lot of us feel that way after we get our pumps. I just
hope that
 some thing that is intended to help diabetic kids does not end up hurting them.
I don't mean this as a criticism I think what you are trying to do is really

diagnosed 1987 (age 7)
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