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[IP] Lack of interest in dm cures/ was "another DUH! comment"

After following the thread about funding for diabetes cures and the lack of
interest in that; I want to point out that I think there is a MAJOR
misunderstanding regarding this disease among the general population that
contributes to the lack of interest in raising money for a cure.  Whenever you
pick up the paper today there is an article about the growing number of
diabetes cases and the epidemic problem of obesity in the US.  Because it's
always tied into obesity CAUSING the diabetes I think people are less
sympathetic to the cause.  It's a disease that in some ways is thought to be
"your own fault" for having it.  How many people even know the difference
between Type 1 or Type 2 diabetics unless they have the disease?  Whenever
someone tells me they have an aunt, friend, grandfather etc. with dm I ask
"Type 1 or Type 2?" and invariably they say "Uh...I don't know".  So Type 1
and Type 2 are lumped together even though they are so different in many ways.
I am NOT saying that Type 2's have caused their own illness...I really really
get angry when someone blames a Type 1 OR Type 2 for having this illness.  My
point is that all the media attention on the growing cases of DM (type 2 but
they rarely make that distinction) may actually be undermining OUR
cause...when it is presented in such a way as to put blame on individuals who
have aquired it as a result of lifestyle habits.

Does anyone agree with this analysis...or am I really off the mark here?

kindest regards,
email @ redacted
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