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[IP] upgrading pump: insurance

I was wondering if anyone has hit a snag with insurance when trying to
upgrade? We have been using a pump now for almost 4 years, and were putting in
for a Cozmo. Insurance came back with wanting all the same things as when we
first tried to get the pump. Things like: 2 months worth of bg's, latest
HgA1C, proof of # of times testing, and proof of going to a diabetic education
class! Seems crazy to me when Kevin has demonstrated he benefits from a pump!
I'm hoping this fight won't last like the last time. (2 months) I ended up
sending them letters from friends, docs, teachers, not to mention information
off the internet spouting why tight control would help Kevin.

Mom to Kevin, 14, dx 12/98
pumping 5/99
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