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[IP] Re: Joslin awards

At 09:13 PM 2/15/03, Jan wrote:
>Fifty-year DMers needed only to be warm and breathing to get the bronze
>medal. I qualified for that one - but at my 25-yr mark, I did not so didn't
>pursue it. YMMV (~_^)

I pursued my 25-year certificate (got it last year after 39 years of 
diabetes) since I felt that it would be easier to get that now and have 
Joslin recognize my diagnosis date now while my diagnosing doctor is still 
alive.  It was hard finding him anyhow, but I finally did locate him.  He's 
been retired from his practice for almost 10 years now and he's in his 
80s.  So, if I had waited another 10 years and apply to get my bronze 
medal, I would never have found him nor the documentation I needed to 
verify my diagnosis date.  While they do allow testimonial letters from 
relatives relating some point in history to your diagnosis, it was much 
easier to just have the doctor say, "yes she was diagnosed with diabetes in 
1963".   Since I plan to be around for another 10 years, it should now be 
easier to get my bronze medal since they already recognize my diagnosis 
date.  YMMV.

dxd 1963
pumping 2000
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