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Re: [IP] JDRF posters

>I just got the new JDRF posters.
>  Here's the sayings - there's 3 and each of them has a sign in a 
>bussiness windw
>type thing stating :
>HELP WANTED to save a child's life
>POSITIONS AVAILABLE  to save a child's limbs from amputation
>INQUIRE WITHIN about how to keep a child from going blind
>and then they have the JDRF logo and info at the bottom.
>  I thought they were kinda abrupt but got the message across, my mom 
>hates them.
>I can see her point as kids or anyone with D would be somewhat disturbed.
>What do you think?

Many people were also "disturbed" by the organization "Act Up".   I 
think the posters are very effective.   One may not like to think 
about some of the possible consequences, but perhaps more people 

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