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[IP] Some stories for a slow day

Since IP seems kind of slow today and we were walking in the mall, it
reminded me of a true story, and I'll add a couple more I know of:

I once was taking a BG on a bench in the mall and a lady came and sat down
beside me - this was before I had heard the words *carb-counting*. The lady
said she had a friend who had to test and she had a problem with pretzels.
The exchange diet had changed to 15 pretzels per carb exchange and her
friend's BG went sky high after just one! "Why?" So, I asked what kind of
pretzel since they come in different shapes.

"One of those from the mall."


Dr. was talking with a group of DM children. He explained to them that Mary
was the only one who had all her tests written down, and since she could do
it, they could too. Mary beamed and said, "I have next month's too, want to
see it?"


Little Johnny was going to a birthday party and mom wanted him to be sure to
eat the right size of angel food cake. She drilled him on the size so he'd
have it in his mind. When he got home he talked about the games and prizes,
etc. but mom insisted on asking about the size of angel food. He said, "Yes,
it was the right size - after I rolled it into a little ball."


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