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[IP] DFW-IUG "Wireless" Glucose Management


At noon on Thursday, February 20th, a representative from this new 
Dallas company will be introducing us to their service which will 
provide wireless messaging of data from a glucose meter to a cell 
phone, pager or sent via email.  This service can be set to remind a 
person to test according to a schedule and will notify you when any 
scheduled Bg test is not performed.   This does sound like a device 
that will help to give parents peace of mind and health care 
providers the on-time, accurate data needed to base therapies on. 
 The company also plans to have insulin pump data available through 
it's service in the future.  Further information is available on 
their website:   http://www.diabetech.net/index.htm

Don't forget to bring your lunch!

for further info contact:
Brenda Head, R.N., C.D.E
Diabetes Education
Baylor Irving Hospital
fax 972-579-4355
e-mail: email @ redacted
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