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[IP] Dawn Phenom - returns??

 Well for lmost a week now I have woken with sugars in the 12.0-15.0 ish range.
Now it is weird becasue I was waking up in the 5.0 ish range for almost 2++
months and loved it but now what the heck is going on!!!???? Pre - pump I always
woke in the 20.0-25.0 ish no matter what we did it was a bad case of dawn
phenom. Is it back?? Can your body get used to pumping and then kinda get immune
to the night basals and I wake up high again? Its really weird. I may start to
adjust basals My nurse wanted me to wait to make sure its staying high and not
just due to issness or something butI have the feeling its here to stay.

 The other problem is, this morning I was 12.8 I took 2U to bring me down that
should only bring me to 8.0 but less then an hour after my bolus I was 5.4 and
then went to 3.1 and dropping and this also seems to always happen I drop really
fast before the insulin really is suppose to work. I'll try not correcting at
all and see if I drop with out insulin. What the heck is happening where did my
5.0's go??? I miss them

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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