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[IP] re: IP paradigm beep/vibe

"I just wish we could plug our pumps in for a few hours and have a fresh
charge on them every morning."

I agree with Jan.  I also did that for years.  It is much easier today with
battery changes.  I was up in N.H. staying in a tiny shack x-country skiing
and having general snow fun with my pump and battery charger in the late 80's.
I somehow mistakenly left the battery charger on top of our car.  We drove off
and 2 miles and tons of snowy banks latter I realized I didn't have the
battery charger with me.  We reversed direction and actually spotted it near a
snow bank along the road a bit damaged but  still functionable.  lol.  serena
dx'd '76, pumping with "panacea" for about 12 years.
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