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[IP] Re: Soehnle Personal Health Assistant Scale


I like my scale, but I have nothing else to compare it to.  
I like the fact that it's digital with a Tara feature and has most of 
the food that I'm interested in weighing, already programmed in, 
so I don't have to calculate carb factors.  It's even gotten to the 
point that I've memorized the codes for the foods I eat most.  For 
all I know, a cheaper model would do just as well, as long as you 
have the carb factors.  The main thing I use it for is vegetables 
with the memory function when I'm adding up salad carbs.  I still 
think the directions are hard to decipher, but once you know how 
to use it, it's very easy. I could see the criticism that it's over-kill 
for what you really need in a scale.  A lot of people have been 
doing just fine on other scales calculating for themselves.  I tend 
to be "high maintenance" in liking all the newest and best techno 
gadgets with all the bells and whistles.

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