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[IP] Re: Another DUH! comment

When I was diagnosed with Diabetes last year and called my mother 
to tell her about it, her biggest reaction was that it wasn't cancer.  Later 
on when I was still dealing with the shock, she still compared my 
situation to being diagnosed with cancer:  Since it wasn't cancer, it 
couldn't be all that bad.  She wasn't sympathetic, she was down right 
mean about it.  I know that cancer is a terrible thing to have and I'm glad 
I don't have it, but I've also known several people who have survived cancer 
and are cancer-free today.  I don't know anyone who was diagnosed with 
Diabetes and has been cured or is now Diabetes free.  I guess the thing 
that really bothers me is when she said, "What do you want me to say?  
Ohhh, poor baby?.....Quit feeling sorry for yourself.....
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