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Re: [IP] Re: looking for infusion sets

In a message dated 2/14/03 10:33:17 PM US Eastern Standard Time, email @ redacted 

<< jhughey wrote:
   hmmmm - I've met lots and lots of pumpers and have never once seen their
   infusion sets. I'm not in a habit of showing mine, either. Well, one did
   show me at a restaurant table once. lol >>

Hmmm ... wasn't that an infusion set you handed me and asked me how to insert 
it? :-)

I've shown mine in a hotel lobby and even inserted one on TV. One of my 
husband's colleagus asked me if that was me (I was sticking a Sil into) or 
file footage. "Oh, that was me," I said, "but I imagine it's file footage 

Jan and ElvisToo
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