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[IP] sick of being sick

  It has been my personal experience that the more closely matched insulin
dosing of the pump makes it more obvious when insulin needs change. I was on the
pump I had to eat constantly to avoid hypos. When I got sick and my insulin
needs rose I
 just would not snack (who eats when sick anyways), so the problem usually
solved itself. On the pump our dose is so closely matched that we quickly see
the increased need for insulin. I like to use the analogy that if a person is
wearing clothes
 that are two sizes to big for them if they grow they may not notice it. On the
other hand if some one were wearing clothes specially tailored to their own size
that would be quick to notice if they put on a few lbs!
  As for being sick, do you have any indoor allergies? I was so sick in the
winter for years until we discovered that allergy were the trigger. Some thing
to consider if you have moved recently or have any history of similar stuff.
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