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[IP] Re: Chris' ER visit

>>>I did the creatanine clearance test six months ago and right off hand, I
don't remember the numbers.>>>

Store the next one in your memory vault. ;-)

>>>My nephrologist is try to do things with my meds and keeping well
hydrated, but not too hydrated (heart problems, you know) in order to stave
off dialysis.>>>

But, if it's at 12% I do encourage you to start. BTDT.  *My* neph didn't
want me drinking too much to not stress my already-damaged kidneys.

>From the statement of not feeling tired after dialysis, I am assuming that
you go three times a week for hemo.>

Yep - that's standard.

>  And, every nurse I've talked to has said that eventually all people end
up on hemo.

Yep - that, too. Most people get peritonitis and have to do hemo. Why suffer
and go through that????

> And, I know this is probably lame; but my life at home is a huge chemistry
experiment and I wouldn't mind going to a center, reading a book and being
taken care of like going to the beauty parlor.>

HA HA HA!!!  Beauty parlor???? I'd MUCH rather go to a beauty parlor -
especially if I had enough hair! ;-)  I cannot read a book - can't think of
anything but getting through it. I keep one eye on *my* chair's tv and one
eye on that clock. Can't concentrate on anything like a book. I like to
watch Raymond cuz it makes me laugh - hard. I sometimes fall asleep until
the techs yell and laugh and drop boxes, etc. ;-)

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