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Re: [IP] Re: Chris' ER visit

Hi Jan!

Thanks for your support.  I did the creatanine clearance test six months ago
and right off hand, I don't remember the numbers.

I will be getting blood work on Monday and a kidney sonogram the same day.
That afternoon I will be seeing the nephrologist.

My nephrologist is try to do things with my meds and keeping well hydrated,
but not too hydrated (heart problems, you know) in order to stave off

>From the statement of not feeling tired after dialysis, I am assuming that
you go three times a week for hemo.  That is my preference even though the
nephrologist would like for me to try peritoneal dialysis.  A couple of
things on that: from the way I live, I can see peritonitis in my future if I
try.  And, every nurse I've talked to has said that eventually all people
end up on hemo.  And, I know this is probably lame; but my life at home is a
huge chemistry experiment and I wouldn't mind going to a center, reading a
book and being taken care of like going to the beauty parlor.

I'll let you know what happens after Monday.

Thanks again.

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> I'm sorry about your problems. What is your present Creatinine Clearance
> (determined by a 24-hr urine collection in conjunction with a blood draw)?
> On another list, I learned that DMers who start dialysis at 12% instead of
> the *mandatory* 10%, do much better and *recover* much more quickly. I
> had several people *pre*sume I am exhausted after a dialysis treatment.
> so. Perhaps it's because I was at 12% when started.
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