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Re: [IP] another DUH! comment

Check out www.diabetesworldflight.com
Also, I was reading the other day on www.discovery.com/health about the 
"Novolog Ultimate Walk" where two Type 1 diabetics walked 730 miles to the 
South Pole.

>From: Ryan Bruner <email @ redacted>
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>Subject: Re: [IP] another DUH! comment
>Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 13:00:21 -0500
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> >There are more people living with and dying from diabetes than AIDS
> >and breast cancer combined, but we don't have as many fund raising
> >efforts as those charities. I don't understand this. I once called the
> >Edy's ice cream co and asked why are they giving their money to breast
> >cance when people with breast cancer can eat any kind of ice cream.
> >I'm eating their sugarfree icecream because I have diabetes and I
> >think they should send the money to a diabetes
> >charity like JDF. They said they never really thought of it that way
> >but would consider it in the future. The president recently talked
> >about spending billions of dollars in Africa to treat those with AIDS.
> >There are many people who live in
> >other countries like Africa and the Phillipines who have diabetes and
> >can't afford insulin and therefore they die much faster than someone
> >with AIDS. It seems like nobody cares about diabetics and our plight.
>While I hear the frustration, I think that the quote about diabetes
>affecting more people, etc, is rather misleading.
>First of all, in Africa (which is a continent, not a country), AIDS
>infections are approaching 50% of the youth population.  50%!!!!  No
>amount of diabetes can come close to that.  The tide is turning in the
>AIDS epidemic.  Int is estimated that 2.2 million adults and children
>died from AIDS in the sub-Saharan Africa in 2001.  2.2 million!  That
>is more people who have DIED from AIDS in Africa than the number of
>Type-1 diabetics who are ALIVE in the US!
>Second, the majority of people suffering deaths from diabetic
>complications are Type-2 diabetics, not Type-1.  Any "cure" for Type-2
>would not benefit Type-1 diabetics, nor would any "cure" for Type-1
>benefit Type-2.  Second, some more recent research is showing that Type-
>2 diabetes may not actually be any "flaw" at all, but rather, the
>result of the body operating as it is SUPPOSED to do that has been most
>beneficial to the human race up until the past 100 years or so.  The
>lifestyle of the average person today is drastically different from the
>previous several thousand years.  Those differences have caused what
>was genetically BENEFICIAL become a problem.  In a sense, the "cure" to
>type 2 isn't really a cure at all, but reversing lifestyle changes.
>Anyhow, if you compare the AIDS numbers of the US to diabetes, it is a
>serious problem.  Approximately 362,827 people were living with AIDS in
>2001 in the US, compared to around 1,000,000 with Type-1 diabetes.  So,
>when someone speaks to the numbers WITHIN  the US alone, then it is
>true.  But, on a global scale, particularly African nations, AIDS is
>FAR more severe than is diabetes.
>Other stats:
>Approximately 1.5 million are infected in Latin America by the end of
>2002, with 60,000 deaths.  In the Carribbean there is another nearly .5
>million infected and 42,000 deaths.
>Diabetes (Types 1 and 2), on the other hand, has caused approximately
>450,000 deaths in 1999.  That is a high number, but nothing in
>comparison to the death rate in Africa and other areas from AIDS.
>But, there are PLENTY of things going on for supporting diabetes
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