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Re: [IP] another DUH! comment

>There are more people living with and dying from diabetes than AIDS 
>and breast cancer combined, but we don't have as many fund raising 
>efforts as those charities. I don't understand this. I once called the 
>Edy's ice cream co and asked why are they giving their money to breast 
>cance when people with breast cancer can eat any kind of ice cream. 
>I'm eating their sugarfree icecream because I have diabetes and I 
>think they should send the money to a diabetes
>charity like JDF. They said they never really thought of it that way 
>but would consider it in the future. The president recently talked 
>about spending billions of dollars in Africa to treat those with AIDS. 
>There are many people who live in
>other countries like Africa and the Phillipines who have diabetes and 
>can't afford insulin and therefore they die much faster than someone 
>with AIDS. It seems like nobody cares about diabetics and our plight.

While I hear the frustration, I think that the quote about diabetes 
affecting more people, etc, is rather misleading.  

First of all, in Africa (which is a continent, not a country), AIDS 
infections are approaching 50% of the youth population.  50%!!!!  No 
amount of diabetes can come close to that.  The tide is turning in the 
AIDS epidemic.  Int is estimated that 2.2 million adults and children 
died from AIDS in the sub-Saharan Africa in 2001.  2.2 million!  That 
is more people who have DIED from AIDS in Africa than the number of 
Type-1 diabetics who are ALIVE in the US!

Second, the majority of people suffering deaths from diabetic 
complications are Type-2 diabetics, not Type-1.  Any "cure" for Type-2 
would not benefit Type-1 diabetics, nor would any "cure" for Type-1 
benefit Type-2.  Second, some more recent research is showing that Type-
2 diabetes may not actually be any "flaw" at all, but rather, the 
result of the body operating as it is SUPPOSED to do that has been most 
beneficial to the human race up until the past 100 years or so.  The 
lifestyle of the average person today is drastically different from the 
previous several thousand years.  Those differences have caused what 
was genetically BENEFICIAL become a problem.  In a sense, the "cure" to 
type 2 isn't really a cure at all, but reversing lifestyle changes.  

Anyhow, if you compare the AIDS numbers of the US to diabetes, it is a 
serious problem.  Approximately 362,827 people were living with AIDS in 
2001 in the US, compared to around 1,000,000 with Type-1 diabetes.  So, 
when someone speaks to the numbers WITHIN  the US alone, then it is 
true.  But, on a global scale, particularly African nations, AIDS is 
FAR more severe than is diabetes.

Other stats:

Approximately 1.5 million are infected in Latin America by the end of 
2002, with 60,000 deaths.  In the Carribbean there is another nearly .5 
million infected and 42,000 deaths.

Diabetes (Types 1 and 2), on the other hand, has caused approximately 
450,000 deaths in 1999.  That is a high number, but nothing in 
comparison to the death rate in Africa and other areas from AIDS.

But, there are PLENTY of things going on for supporting diabetes 
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