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[IP] A SALTER Electronic scale

Very easy to use scale that my husband bought me as a gift.  Battery
operated and it has a simple ON/ZERO button...OFF button...ML/FL/OZ
button...and the important KG/LB button which gives me gram weights.

Having been from the olden days when one did exchanges...it is amazing
to me the weigh the "small apple" and find out that the darn apple
actually has MORE carbohydrates than a single serving!  Bananas
also...very deceiving to eat a half of a banana as an "exchange" and to
weigh prior to find it is LESS carbs than assumed!

I use my scale daily...just set the food on and weigh...than use the
calculator to convert the grams to carbohydrates.  Simple.

Mine is Model 3007 and uses 3V lithium batteries ... which I have yet to
need to change.
My husband found the scale at the LINENS N THINGS store here in Northern
The scale has a removable label that reads: "SALTER Electronic
AQUATRONIC The new Salter Aquatronic kitchen scale incorporates a
weighing system which will measure water based liquids such as milk,
wine, or cream. So, for the first time you can add "n" weigh just about
all your baking ingredients into a bowl or container, without the need
for other utensils such as a measuring jug."

Because I am very insulin sensitive...and have had more low blood sugars
on the pump than in all the previous years prior...weighing my food and
dosing proper Humalog saves me tons of problems from lows!!!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957  - MM507C since 12/98
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