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[IP] RE: insulin-pumpers-digest V7 #57/Glucowatch

 I have worn the GlucoWatch multiple times with mostly positive experience to
report. I have found that the post-removal itching/irritation is helped by using
a steroid based asthma spray on my skin before application. This does not seem
to interfere with the accuracy of the measurement in any way. Also, the life of
a box of sensors is far longer than the expiration date would have you believe.
Trust me on this one. You get more used to the sensation the longer you use it,
but my child with diabetes is not impressed. Maybe my aggravation threshold is
higher than his.....My runs have very few skips unless it is really hot or cold
outside and I am doing a lot of running around from place to place. When I am
wearing it, it is useful to be able to tell how I am tracking. It is only 86%
accurate, but that is enough for trending.
Leigh Steed  
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