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[IP] Sick of being sick!

I'm now approaching 5 weeks of having this cold/illness.  I'm sick of 

Are illnesses really getting worse, or what?  This cold started out as 
a bad cold.  After the first week, my BG levels shot up.  A week later, 
the cough was worse, but the BG level start to re-stabilize.  Another 
week later, and I started to develop a sinus infection on top of the 
cough.  After a few days, I was put on an antibiotic and prescription-
strength decongestant.  While, I'm better, it now over a week later, 
and I'm still quite sick (though, my coughing is substantially 
better).  Now, my BG levels are starting to be high again, running in 
the 200's frequently, with an occasional 300 range.  

I just don't remember sickness ever affecting me, both being so 
prolonged, as well affecting BG levels so much.  

So, comes my question...has anyone noticed MORE problems with BG 
control during sickness while on the pump versus MDI?  On MDI, I would 
run a bit high, but nothing like I've seen since on the pump 7 1/2 
months ago.  

I've theorized that perhaps my body is "attacking" the infusion site, 
making the insulin less effective, versus on MDI, when the injection 
site is constantly different.  But, that is purely a guess while trying 
to figure this thing out.

I'm sick of being sick!  

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